Brian & Wendy Anderson - Freeland, MI

We moved into our Kloha built home last September and we are extremely pleased with the finished result.  The value, quality and workmanship are a step above the other builders we looked at.  Chad made choosing the lot, floor plan and building materials a stress-free process.  They lead us step-by-step through the building process and gave us several great suggestions and options on how to customize our home to better fit our needs.
From start to finish it has been a pleasant and rewarding experience working with the staff at Kloha Contracting. We would highly recommend their services to anyone thinking about building a new home.

Brian & Wendy Anderson
Freeland MI

Vicki Legner - Auburn MI

Never having the experience of building a new home on my own I was unsure who to hire for the job.  Upon speaking the different people I decided to go with Kloha Builders and I’ve never been sorry.  Both Chad and his wife Kim were very helpful in providing information and good sound advice that I found useful and cost-saving during the process.  They really seemed sincere in helping me get the home I desired while at the same time helping me stay within my budget.  My home building experience was not the “nightmare” described by other, but a real pleasure.  I am happy to recommend Kloha Builders to anyone looking to build a new home.

Vicki Legner- Auburn MI

Mike Vitale - Lansing, MI

Dear Chad and Kim,
    My name is Mike Vitale. In late October of 2005 my family and I
purchased a home in the Dells in Lansing. Over the Memorial Day holiday
weekend we decided it was time to fire up the air conditioner for the first
time. We turned it on and it did not work. We thought we'd have to wait
until Tuesday when everyone was back to work. While watching the six o'clock
news we saw it would be 90 degrees and humid on Monday. Time for action. I
thought for sure I'd have to call a local serviceman and pay a high price. I
called the phone number in my manual for Barns Heating and Cooling in
Saginaw but got an answering machine, which was completely understandable
with the holiday weekend. I left a message and then hit the phone book.
Before the local place called me back Craig was on the phone from Barns
offering suggestions on what could be wrong. As it turns out the breaker got
tripped so the fan wasn't drawing in cold air. Craig said he'd check back
with me in an hour to see if it was working and if it wasn't he'd come down
and fix it... on Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. I've always talked up
Kloha's great service but this absolutely floored me. It worked great and
Craig didn't have to make an hour plus trip to Lansing. However, the fact he
was willing to do so speaks volumes about Kloha and the people they work
with. The kicker is on Tuesday Kevin followed up to make sure everything was
still great. This great service makes me feel even more bad for those who
don't own a Kloha home.

Mike Vitale
4373 Keelson
Lansing, MI 48911

The Kanicki family - Saginaw Township

Working with Kim and Chad Kloha was an excellent experience that we would highly recommend to anyone in the home building market.

We had our previous home up for sale by owner, and then with another area realtor with very little luck and no offers. Kim Kloha and her team had our listing for less than a week and had more showings in that time than we had in the previous six months. We had a purchase agreement on out house from one of the very first showings. Kim and her team made the entire process from selling our home, from listing to the closing and all the paperwork in between, extremely simple. All of our questions were answered timely and the sale was handled very professionally. We would strongly recommend anyone thinking of selling their home to contact Kim Kloha.

After meeting with several area builders, we found Chad Kloha’s honesty and willingness to work within our budget refreshing. Chad was not only able to show is several floor plans that met our needs, but was also able to walk us through spec houses to get a true idea how the homes would fit our family. Chad never pressured us to build bigger or outside of our budget. Chad was gracious with his time and attended to all of our concerns and questions. After selecting “The Oakwood” plan, Chad helped us design and decorate a home of our dreams, within our budget.

The entire Kloha Contracting team did a great job on our new home, paying particular attention to the small things. We were kept apprised throughout the entire build as to what was currently happening and what to expect next. The build went extremely quick and smooth.

With Kim selling our previous house and Chad building our new home, the Kloha Team was a very efficient and stress-free way to have all of our family’s needs met. The Kloha’s truly care about the “customer first”, and made us feel apart of their family during the entire process. We would highly recommend the Kloha Contracting and Real Estate Team.  

-The Kanicki family- Saginaw Township

Gary & Barb Socia - Saginaw, MI

Dear Chad & Kim:

It has been over three (3) years since we moved into our Kloha built home and we just wanted to drop a note to let you know how pleased we are with the result.

Although there are a multitude of things that can (and sometimes do) go wrong during the plan, excavation, build, finish, finance, and supplier selection process, these items have either been minimal or resolved in an expedient fashion and to our satisfaction.

Although the floor plan we initially selected was one of the many "spec" plans you offer, you were more than willing to work with us on the enhancements and upgrades we required that made our home custom to would suit our individual needs and taste.

We were always kept informed on the status of the build process, expected completion date, and after construction began, how many of our requested upgrades would impact the budget. Especially impressive was your steadfast desire "not to proceed" on any upgrade until the cost/build ramifications were fully understood and agreed to by all. As a result, we were not surprised at the final closing with any hidden or mysterious charges. In fact, down to the penny, the final cost was what we had previously discussed and agreed to.

With respect to the visual features of the home, your suggested contacts of Mark for drywall, Jim & Steve for finish trim work, Greg for flooring, and Dan for sprinkler system, were professional and a pleasure to work with.

A special mention goes to Mark Anderson for his patience with the updates, financing, advice on generally accepted practices in the housing marketplace, as well as the numerous e-mails / lists that we continued to generate on a regular basis.

In spite of several weather and utility delays, as promised, the home was completed, the final paperwork was signed, and we took possession in less than ninety (90) days. Mark mentioned several times throughout the process that, in his opinion, after five (5) years we would be glad we chose the Kloha Team over the competition. So far, that prediction is holding true.

We would encourage others who are contemplating the selection of a new home general contractor to contact, discuss, review, and consider your organization for their project.


Gary & Barb Socia
Saginaw Township

Scott and Paula Burmingham - 5582 Corydalis Saginaw, MI

We built "The Applewood" plan with the Kloha group which was our favorite plan but we wanted to customize several things including enlarging the master bedroom suite by taking the 4th bedroom out and making it 3 bedrooms. It turned out awesome. We were told how easy they are to work with and how they listen to your needs that is so TRUE. We had friends building with other contractors at the same time, they couldn't believe we didn't have any thing negative to say. Give them a call if you are going to build.

Jerel and Janel Reif - Munger, MI

We built a custom home with Kloha Contracting and it was a great experience. They listened to our ideas and were very easy to work with. We built in the country which people had told us to figure 6 months to finish well that wasn't the case with Kloha, they were done in 90 days. We highly recommend Kloha Contracting. We also had to sell our current home and Kloha Contracting advised us to use Mark Anderson broker/owner of Prudential and he sold our home in time to get the new home built.

Kirsten Mott - 4183 Lakecress Saginaw, MI

Last November, I found myself in a situation where I needed to find a home in Saginaw Township. I had a budget I needed to stick with, and a certain location I needed to be near. I also needed something that would be in ready to move in condition. I started looking at the real estate classifieds and going to a few open houses. After spending a couple months looking, and becoming disappointed in what was offered in my price range, I started working with Mark Anderson of Prudendial Anderson, Lemmer and Wilson on a listed house that was at the top of my price range, even though it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Mark suggested I look at building with Kloha Contracting, as they had several models in the range I was looking for. I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of building, but once I went through several of the models, I was hooked. Mark showed me the different models and suggested different options and customizations that could be done and what they would cost. We narrowed down what I really wanted and then the only decisions were colors! Everything else was included in my base price - the tile floors, wood floors, carpet, bathroom fixtures, even some of the appliances.

My other concern was timing - I had to be in this house quickly. Mark assured me that it really could happen as fast as I needed - and it did. The Kloha Contracting staff was so nice and helpful - especially Andy and Mike. They answered all my questions and quickly resolved any issues. My issues were resolved in a timely manner.

I am very pleased with the whole experience and am so glad I took Mark's advice and went with Kloha Contracting!!


The Orozco Family - Freeland

It has always been our dream to live in a nice house with nice neighbors in a nice community. Well, our dream has become reality. We were able to buy a well-built affordable home in a wonderful neighborhood thanks to Kloha Contractors. The Kloha's not only built a great home for us, but even after we moved in, if we had any questions or concerns the Kloha team was there literally at our front door to offer assistance. The kloha's take great care in building homes, and building relationships in their homeowners.

Tim and Loura Dunham - Birch Run, MI

We started looking to build a home in the fall of 2004. My sister and brother-in-law built with Kloha Contracting back in 2001 and they were very pleased with their home.

We wanted to do some research ourselves prior to making a decision on a builder. We met with three builders to see choices available to us. It was very clear from our first time we met with Kloha Contracting they were the builder for us. What sold us was their commitment to making us a satisfied customer by helping us sell our current home, find financing for the building of our new home, customizing, answering questions, and providing timely and accurate quotes. They also had numerous houses being built in the area which we were able to walk through, this gave us an opportunity to find plan that suited our needs.

As of today 2-25-05 we are in the process of construction, they are currently dry walling our home. We couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism, timeless and workmanship that has been exhibited by Kloha Contracting team. We highly recommend Kloha Contracting for your new home.

Al and Marlene Luplow - Saginaw, MI

New Construction problems and oversights are inevitable with new construction. We are very impressed with Andy Fobear of Kloha Contracting and how he follows up and takes care of these construction problems.

Kloha Contracting does what they say they are going to do "Service after the Sale." We are very happy with our new home and would recommend Kloha Contracting to be your builder.


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