Mission Statement

Kloha Contracting, LLC believes that every home is a dream home. We feel that there is a priceless value in the dream of friendly neighborhoods and backyard barbecues. To us, a home is not only a shelter, but a place to create memories...it is the single most important purchase many make in a lifetime. We want you to feel informed and confident of your decision.

Why Kloha Contracting?

  1. Our Quality -

  2. Stems from maintenance free products to detailed custom woodworking, from wood floors, ceramic tile and Berber carpet. Quality is measured not just by the materials, but also the workmanship. Kloha Contracting takes pride in the details of every home we build.

  3. Our Flexibility -

  4. We are flexible to your busy schedule in meeting with you mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even on weekends. When selecting one of our homes, customizing your home, consulting on a specific price range, or defining a target date, we enjoy working with customers one-on-one to help you achieve your goals in a stress-free way.

  5. Our Custom Homes -

  6. Custom home building begins with a walk through one of our current models. If you are choosing to customize one of our models or design your own plan, this gives you an opportunity to see our standard features, and additional options. When it comes to building a custom home with Kloha, we price out the exact products you desire and give you a detailed cost amount.

  7. Our Pricing -

  8. We have the most competitive pricing in the market, due to our large customer base and the product purchase abilities of Kloha Contracting, L.L.C.

  9. Our Sub-Contractors -

  10. With our all-star lineup that we have assembled over the years, our skilled sub-contractors achieve the value and integrity we strive to build in every home.

  11. Our Warranty, Service & Homeowner's Manual -

  12. We provide a personally prepared homeowners' manual for the customer, which includes warranty information, contact numbers, and our service program for repairs.

  13. Our Outstanding Real Estate Marketing Team -

  14. Leading the way with Mark Anderson, Prudential is there to ensure a timely sale of your existing home, or searching for the right property. Be sure to visit with Mark on Sundays, at our various open models.

  15. Our Financing -

  16. There are many alternative ways of financing today. There is 100% financing, bridge loans, construction loans, and builder financing. These are just some of the options many home buyers choose. Before you decide, talk with us, we have teamed up with the best leaders in the area to help meet your financing goals.

  17. Our Goals -

  18. Any good business goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, and it is no different with Kloha Contracting. We have built our business on customer satisfaction. We strive to focus on the customer and to exceed their expectations, enabling Kloha Contracting to remain the Tri-Cities' largest volume builder.

Our History and Philosophy

We founded Kloha Contracting in 1998, and since then, we have emerged as the Tri-Cities leading builder of new homes. We have come a long way since we began building and renting Freeland area duplexes in 1996. We have built over 200 homes since then, ranging from a 1200 square foot ranch to a 5500 square foot two story home. We have grown because we care about the customers' needs, and we are easy to work with. Kloha Contracting has a good reputation in the marketplace, because word of mouth IS the best advertisement. We are blessed to be living our American dream, with the success of our business and our two beautiful children. We understand the importance of family values and dreams. We want your home to feel the warmth and comfort you desire. This was our vision in the beginning, and it has lead us to assemble an all star lineup of teammates. From our own field specialists, to an equally outstanding cast of subcontractors and suppliers, our group has evolved into your home building "Dream Team."

- Chad and Kimberly Kloha


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