Owners Manual

Shouldn't the largest investment most people ever make come with a big, thick instruction book?

Remember when you had a flat tire on your '69 Chevy Camaro? You pulled out the bumper jack and the tire iron, hauled the spare out of the trunk and changed the flat. Today when you get a flat tire in your new car you may not even know where the spare or the jack is. Or even how to operate it. So you get out the owner's manual, which is 100-plus pages long and filled with information about the car - how to operate it, how to maintain it, who to call with problems, even what type of light bulb goes in the domelight.

But what about your house? It costs 10 times more than your car, is far more complex and lasts a lot longer. Where's the owner's manual for your house? Wouldn't it be nice to have all the operating instructions and maintenance suggestions for your house assembled in one place? Well at Kloha Contracting an owner's manual is included with each house we create. Whether it is your custom dream house or one of our fabulous spec's, you will receive a document filled with pertinent information about your new home.


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